Outstanding Growth Award

For over two decades, ACG Western Michigan’s annual Outstanding Growth Award has recognized local businesses with sustained growth in sales, profitability, and employment, in addition to their community involvement.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce six all-new Outstanding Growth Award Categories. This new format is designed to recognize both the outstanding accomplishments of our member organizations as well as the individuals who make ACG and the West Michigan community what it is today. We will honor the exceptional work, leadership, and impactful deals executed by ACGWM members and West Michigan firms in the following award categories: 

Deal of the Year: These deals are standout M&A transactions by deal size. Winning deals will be characterized not only by their value but also by their complexity, the perseverance shown by the parties involved, and the potential for growth. All deals must have been completed by December 31, 2023. Deal size categories are:

  • Deal of the Year Under $10mm
  • Deal of the Year Between $10-$20mm
  • Deal of the Year Over $20mm

ACGWM Member of the Year: This award recognizes an ACGWM member who has made significant contributions to the association and our community through the year. The recipient will demonstrate exceptional leadership and commitment and will have a substantial positive impact on the growth and prosperity of ACGWM.  

NextGen Leader of the Year: This award recognizes a dynamic and promising leader under the age of 40 within the ACGWM community. It is intended for an individual who demonstrates remarkable leadership skills, innovative thinking, and significantly contributes to the growth and prosperity of ACGWM and Western Michigan.  

Outstanding Community Impact Award: This award honors an ACGWM member, past or present, who has profoundly impacted the chapter and the broader West Michigan community. This person demonstrates exceptional leadership, initiative, and commitment that propels ACGWM forward and significantly contributes to the growth and prosperity of West Michigan. 

Each new award is designed to celebrate outstanding deals and recognize the complexity, resilience, and potential for growth as well as the teams supporting these transactions and firms. Nominations are now open and submission forms may be found below.

The 2024 Outstanding Growth Awards will be held for the first time at the Grand Rapids Art Museum on April 24. Please be sure to save the date!