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ACG members own and operate 26,000 businesses within the U.S. 

ACG members include more than 1,000 private equity firms that focus on the middle market, the source of 90% of PE transactions in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Join ACG to be in the know and to get noticed for your work in the middle market.


Dues for ACG Western Michigan are $ 495.00 USD and include the cost of all regular scheduled breakfast meetings and ACG Global dues. Dues are renewable yearly in your anniversary month.


Following are primary membership categories. Within each of the six categories of membership are subclassifications.

Upon registering and renewing you will be asked to choose a category.  Please indicate the one subclassification which most closely matches your profession/organization.



A member whose company generates income from providing services to corporate and/or equity group members. Service members include attorneys, accountants, strategy consultants, valuators, recruiters, etc.

  • AA (Advisor Accountant): Member is an accountant whose services include providing tax, audit, and/or accounting advice to corporate and/or equity group members.
  • AT (Advisor Attorney): Member is an attorney whose services include advising corporate and/or equity group members.
  • AB (Advisor Banking): Member provides interest rate management or cash management.
  • ACO (Advisor Consultant): Member is a consultant whose services include providing strategic planning advice to corporate and/or service members and equity finanicing.
  • ARE (Advisor Recruiter): Member is an executive or other personnel recruiter for either full-time or part-time employee.
  • ATE (Advisor Technology): Member is a provider whose services include hardware, software, internet, or databases, etc.
  • AV (Advisor Valuator): Member is a business valuator and/or compiles statistics for use in valuations.
  • AWM (Advisor Wealth Manager): Member is employed by a wealth management firm.
  • AO (Advisor Other Services): Member provides other services to corporate and/or equity groups but does not fit into any of the above categories.



A member who works for an equity group and whose job description includes purchasing ownership interests in companies (public or private) for the purpose of growing the companies through internal growth, add-on acquisitions, consolidations, joint ventures, alliances, licensing, franchising, etc. with the ultimate goal to exit from the investment through a partial or complete sale of the company to a third party, a recapitalization, or an IPO. The member is usually a partner, principal officer, associate, or analyst with the equity group and has an opportunity to participate in the equity ownership of the acquired companies. The equity group may be managing an equity fund, investing their own funds, or investing on behalf of individuals and/or institutions on a case by case basis.

  • EGF (Equity Group Managing Fund): Member is employed by an equity group which is managing a committed equity fund.
  • EGU (Equity Group Not Managing Fund): Member is employed by an equity group which is not managing a committed equity fund.
  • FO (Family Offices)
  • HF (Hedge Fund)
  • LM (Lender Junior Debt)
  • LZ (Mezzanine Fund)
  • LS (Lender Senior Debt)
  • LP (Limited Partner)
  • VC (Venture Capital)
  • LO (Lender Other)



  • CE (Other Educator): Member is employed by a college or university.
  • CG (Other Government): Member is employed by the government.
  • CN (Other NGO Executive/Leader): Member is employed by a Non-Governmental Organization.
  • CS (Other Student): Member is a full-time student.


CORPORATE (The company CANNOT fall in the advisor, capital provider, community or intermediary categories.)

A member who works for a company (public or private) and whose job description includes growing the company organically, through acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances, strategic planning, product development, licensing, franchising,   etc. The member may be a staff corporate development officer, a CFO, a CEO, or president depending on the size and resources of the company.

  • CC (Corporate Counsel)
  • CD (Corporate Development): Member is VP corporate development, VP strategic planning, VP new business development, etc.
  • CF (Corporate Finance): Member is chief financial officer, treasurer, controller, etc.
  • CM (Corporate Management): Member is chairman, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, etc.

*ACG WM Corporate Members are entitled to have up to 5 Associate Corporate Members, see pdf link below



Member is an intermediary whose services include bringing buyers and sellers together and/or identifying sources of debt and equity financing.

  • IB (Investment Bankers)
  • BB (Business Brokers)
  • UW (Underwriters)



  • OT (Other Not Listed Above)







Renew Your Membership

Renewing your membership is fast and easy.

  • Log in to your ACG account using the "My ACG" link at the top of the page. (Email us if you've forgotten your password and we can reset it for you.)
  • Once logged in, click the "Membership" tab beneath your profile.
  • Click the link that says "Pay My Dues" that appears below the "Membership" tab.
  • Click "Add to Cart" and follow the checkout process to enter payment.

If you have any questions about your membership renewal process, or do not see the "Pay My Dues" link on your profile, please contact Jennifer Lukezich at

Rejoin ACG Western Michigan

If your membership has lapsed, follow these steps to rejoin ACG Western Michigan

  • Email us to let us know that you would like to rejoin.
  • We will add the rejoin invoice to your record and let you know when that step is complete.
  • Log into your ACG account using the "My ACG" link at the top of the page, click the "Membership" beneath your profile and select "Pay My Dues."