Roundtable Discussion Topics

Engage in candid, insightful discussions with PEERs who live the same everyday challenges and opportunities you face as a PE-backed CEO or CFO.

Here are some of our prior roundtable discussion topics.

  • Know Your Private Equity Owner: Understanding the PE Business Model
  • Virtual Roundtable: New Performance Metrics in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Joint Event with the Strategic Acquirers Network: Corporate Development Best Practices: Sourcing, Screening & Execution
  • Driving Organic Growth in a PE-backed Environment
  • Building a High-Impact Leadership Team
  • Management Team Issues in an Exit
  • Scaling a PE-backed Company Leveraging Technology & Data Visibility
  • Assess & Build First Class Talent Company-wide
  • The Role of the CEO/CFO in Driving Sales/Marketing Revenue
  • Hall of Fame Club: Lessons Learned from Serial PE-Backed Companies
  • Planning & Managing Growth: Building a High Performance Management Team
  • Managing Your Board of Directors in Good Times & Bad - Roundtable Discussion
  • Preparing for a Deal in a PE-Backed Environment
  • Integrating an Acquisition in a PE-Backed Environment
  • Portfolio Company Exits in the Current Environment
  • PE-Backed Compensation: Benchmarks, Trends & Strategies Environment
  • PE-Backed Equity & Bonus Compensation Strategies