2022 Mid-South ACG Capital Connection

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Listen to the Music

Nashville is known around the world as Music City, USA, and for good reason.  Anchored by its deep country music heritage, Nashville is home to legends and aspiring musicians who delight generations of fans. Its live venue bars and honky-tonks echo with energy; its recording studios are landmarks to creativity. The local business community has benefited from the strong entrepreneurial spirit that is woven throughout the city.

There's a lot about Nashville that excites, particularly its dizzying growth as an economic and financial center in Mid-South America.  As host of the 2022 Mid-South ACG Capital Connection, we can't wait to share Nashville and its progress with you.

We hope to see you there. Highlights include:

  • Private Equity and Investment Bank Marketplaces
  • One-on-One Prescheduled Meetings
  • Expert Panels exploring the current M & A trends
  • Live entertainment at the Country Music Hall of Fame

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  • Chair - Tatiana Paterno | Board Member, ACG Tennessee | Partner, Bass, Berry & Sims
  • Co-Chair - Josh O’Bryan | Board Member, ACG Kentucky |Member, Frost, Brown, Todd
    (Chair, 2023 Mid-South ACG Capital Connection)