ACG Denver was started in 1998 under the guidance of Bob Prangley and Chet Winter. Within a year, the chapter had reached 60 members, and was on its way to becoming the premier business association in the Rocky Mountain Region for driving middle market growth. 

By 2003, the board expanded from three to fifteen members, and the chapter developed a sponsorship program, launched the Academic Affairs Committee and introduced its MBA Scholarship Program. A year later, in 2004, the highly-popular Corporate Executive Series was developed and the Corporate Growth Awards established.

ACG Denver saw rapid growth from 2005-2007 with the addition of a variety of programming, including networking event for private equity/intermediary professionals, the annual “Cross-Networking Event” with community partners, an annual Social Enterprise event and the Leadership 20 program. By 2007, ACG Denver earned the designation of “Fastest-growing Chapter” and received ACG Global’s “Chapter of the Year” honors.

In 2009, ACG Denver appointed its first woman Chapter President, Kathleen Quinn-Votaw.  Under her leadership, new signature programs were introduced including the annual Dealmaker’s Forum and the CEO Dinner Series.

By 2012, the membership of ACG Denver had exceeded 400 individuals and significant investments were made in operations to meet the needs of the growing Chapter.

In 2015, term limits were established for members on the ACG Denver Board of Directors.  This policy ensures the organization will provide opportunities for its members to serve, and new ideas are brought to the strategic discussions among the board.

Today, the organization has more than 20 active board members and approximately 400 members.  The Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference remains one of the must-attend business conferences with more than 700 attendees from across the country.

Chapter Presidents

1999-2000:     Joe Mahoney
2000-2001:      Keith Dubay
2001-2003:      Gary Fowler
2003-2005:      Cliff Pearl
2005-2007:       Dave Mead
2007-2008:       Bill Heringer
2008-2009:       David Strong
2009-2011:       Kathleen Quinn-Votaw
2011-2013:       Todd Roebken
2013-2016:       Ward Cerny
2016-2017:       Mike Hartman
2017-2019:       David Roberts

2019-2021:      Joanne Baginski

2021-present:   Stacey Duke

Executive Directors

2003-2012:        Michelle Gebhart
2012-2018:        Dorothy Donnelly
2019-Present:    Veronica Muñoz