ACG Denver's Board of Directors consists of 22 professionals across a number of industries in the Metro Denver area. Each has a passion for driving middle-market growth.

ACG Denver Committees

Our committees are made up of member volunteers who find that getting involved is the best way to get true value from ACG.  If you are looking to build relationships that will help you grow your business, we welcome you to get involved with an ACG Committee. 

ACG Board President-Elect Nomination

The 2021 Nominting Committee is looking for an individual for President-Elect who would uphold the level of professionalism and dedication required, and also who would benefit by leading the ACG Denver Board of Directors. The President-Elect term is September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021, and is followed by a two-year term as President, and a one-year term as President Emeritus. Please note the qualifications for this important position. All nominations are due by Thursday, July 2.