Leadership 20

Brings together 20 emerging leaders from Colorado's professional service firms in a series of leadership development sessions.

Chair: Dirk Dykson


Recruits, engages and retains a diverse membership of middle-market business leaders who have proven experience to enhance the sharing of creative, breakthrough solutions to issues involving mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth strategies.

Chair: Ed Schenkein


Develops programming across all ACG Denver audiences, featuring prominent business leaders with timely corporate growth success stories who are willing to share their perspectives and lessons learned to benefit the ACG Denver members and guests.

Chair: Michael Mitchel

Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference

Develops the annual conference designed to be a catalyst for corporate growth in the region's middle market, showcasing thought leadership from speakers experienced in mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth strategies, direct access to deal flow and capital sources, and robust opportunities for nurturing collaboration and relationships across the business community.

2023 Chair: Peter Nelson 


Develops sponsorship opportunities that provide participating organizations with high-profile exposure to the leaders in middle-market growth as well as valuable benefits to increase ROI.

Chair: Brett Cunningham, Jenae Anderson

M&A Committee

Chair:  Tyler Mark

Women's Network

Connects women in the middle market space with resources to succeed and thrive professionally.

Co-Chairs:  Jenae Anderson and Megan McIver

Young Professionals Network

Connects young professionals in the middle-market space with the resources needed for professional growth and development. 

Co-Chairs:  Jenna Lester and Dave Severino

Please Note you must be a member in good standing of ACG Denver to serve on a committee.