Ideal Candidate and Process


The Ideal Leadership 20 Candidate

Leadership 20 is made for you if:

  • You work for a leading professional services firm in Colorado and want to join hundreds of leaders in your field who have completed the Leadership 20 program and achieved levels of success you admire.
  • You have experience managing people and processes and are on track to assume additional leadership responsibilities in your firm.
  • You have between eight to ten years of professional experience.
  • You possess a strong desire for personal and professional development and can commit the time and energy to the course work.
  • Most of all, your role as a leader will require you to develop meaningful business relationships and valuable referral networks.

Leadership 20 Nominations and Acceptance

Candidates for the Leadership 20 program are most often nominated by a senior-level leader in their firm who has a vested interest in the professional development of the nominee.  In addition, individuals may also nominate themselves or be nominated by a Leadership 20 alumni outside their firm who knows them though their professional network. Candidates are required to complete an online application and submit their resume for consideration.  A committee of executives reviews all applications and selects 20 students to participate in the upcoming Leadership 20 class. 

Please submit nominations: CLOSED

Applications for the program will be considered through July 2.

Participants will be contacted regarding acceptance on August 1.

Direct any questions you may have to Susan Jenkins at