Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference

2018 Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference

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March 5 - 6, 2018



Keynote Speakers

Marc Randolph, Co-Founder, Netflix
Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph shares the story of creating the company that eventually brought down Blockbuster. Marc weaves an inspiring story that shows the value of innovation, persistence and optimism. Read more. 



Walter Robb, Former Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market
Over the course of 39 years, Whole Foods was taken from a small natural foods store in the hippie haven of Austin, Texas, to an international behemoth. Now that it's owned by Amazon, a new chapter is about to begin. Read more.



CONFERENCE THEME: “Disruption in the Middle Market: Threat or Opportunity?”

Middle market investors commit capital based on their forecasts of future cash flows. They try to limit
investment risk by seeking out businesses with good EBITDA growth, strong competitive advantages,
stable customer relationships, and proven technology that is well-protected by solid IP. Yet disruption is
inevitable. And the challenges disruption creates can be seen everywhere. As the pace of innovation
accelerates and competition becomes more intense, competitive advantages seem farther out of reach.

New competitors are disrupting stable industries with groundbreaking products, and more efficient and
effective business models. Regulatory changes impose new costs and reporting requirements. And,
despite all the populist rhetoric, foreign competitors continue to shake up cozy, comfortable markets. It
should be no surprise that entire industries have been uprooted and displaced. Many of today’s most
successful companies didn’t exist just a couple decades ago and many successful companies of a few
decades ago don’t exist today!

How can middle market businesses plan and operate in this disruptive environment? How can investors
avoid the downside that disruption causes and take advantage of the opportunities it creates? How can
senior and subordinated lenders distinguish today’s good credits from tomorrow’s work outs?

Come to the 2018 Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference to learn from middle market leaders
who have successfully adopted and implemented disruptive growth strategies. Discover what disruptors
do differently that makes them so successful and how the lessons they have learned can help you grow
your business to survive and thrive in this volatile business environment.