Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Network

ACG Denver is committed to reflecting and helping to enhance the diversity of the Colorado middle market.  

Diversity enriches our organizations and we embrace an environment that respects, celebrates, and encourages open communication and differences of opinion as well as a diverse membership representing all levels of the middle market community. 

ACG Denver also aims to become a more inclusive organization that leverages the strength of diversity and fosters equity in all aspects of how it functions, engages and delivers value and opportunities to its members, participants and stakeholders.

The Diversity & Inclusion Network reaches out and includes diverse middle market constituencies in its programming and networking opportunities, thus broadening connections throughout the Colorado middle market and beyond.

ACG Denver is proud to partner with the Arrupe Jesuit High School Work Study Program  which provides its students the opportunity to gain professional work experience throughout their four years at Arrupe Jesuit.   Hundreds of companies, corporations and organizations from across the Metro Denver area hire students to help with a diverse range of job responsibilities.  Arrupe Jesuit Information