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ACG Access Is Now Live!

ACG Access, our featured scheduling tool, enhances your connections with fellow attendees, no matter the setting. Schedule up to sixteen 30-meetings per day, personalize your schedules and use filtering options to connect with the right people—open networking with a mere double-click of your computer mouse.

ACG Access allows registrants to schedule meetings, watch the live sessions and join the open networking. Start scheduling your meetings today.


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New ACG Access Enhancements

ACG is always looking to improve ACG Access. Attendees will enjoy the following enhancements:

  • Additional notification tools
  • Time zone synchronization with your devices
  • Open networking functionality within the platform


ACG Access | Event Meeting Scheduler

“ACG Access is a robust networking tool.  Scheduling meetings for the upcoming Member Summit was extremely efficient and effective.  I’m looking forward to using this new technology to connect with my M&A colleagues”

– Aaron M. Polack, Head of Business Development, Lion Equity Partners


One Place. Multiple Experiences.
Everything can be accessed through one location, from scheduling meetings to joining the open networking and watching hours of ACG live content. It is your home base for the day. 

Virtual Networking
The structure of the online system allows all attendees to gather virtually. Through a unique platform based in a virtual ballroom, each floor will be a gathering space for your peers, along with open floors, to mingle with other constituents. Enjoy open networking and the ability to strike up a conversation with an old friend or new lead at any time, connecting in a social setting from the comfort of your own home or office.  

Make Meaningful Meetings
You will have the ability to personalize your schedule with ideal meetings you select for your business needs and priorities. The system requires two-way approval for meetings and provides the ability to place the scheduled appointment (at a mutually available time) on both calendars. Attendees can make 16+ meetings per day. 

Find the Right People
The registrant filtering tool can help you connect with the right people. 

Manage Your Interaction with Other Registrants with Just a Few Clicks
ACG Access' core attraction is the ease with which you can view registrants, request a meeting, accept a requested meeting, choose a time to meet, or even snooze meeting requests to decide later if you'd like to meet. The registrant search panel gives you the status of participants you are interested in and shows you requests you have made that are still pending, at a glance.  Manage your interaction with hundreds of other registrants with just a few clicks. 

Secure Meeting Locations
Within the individual meetings, secure, private virtual meeting rooms are available. Each virtual meeting room has an embedded one-time use link for that meeting, providing members with a secure meeting experience. If you are looking for a more straightforward or non-secure option, you can use a personal Zoom link or make a phone call.


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November 10 - 11, 2020

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