Workshop | The Road to Efficiency: Unlock Data Trapped in Your Contracts and Increase Leverage from Existing Resources

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1:45 PM
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Private equity firms are notorious for being lean, but is your business running as efficiently as possible? When you automate routine legal work, you empower your team to focus their resources on the most important tasks at hand.  

Did you know there is a vault of untapped data trapped in your contracts? It’s true – contracts are hiding valuable data and insights that can automate repetitive legal work, inform future deals and negotiations, and increase efficiency across your legal organization. 

Join this workshop to learn how contract automation and intelligence can unlock valuable contract data so you can: 

  • Give your team more time to focus on impactful, engaging work
  • Better negotiate with third parties by accessing previous terms and conditions
  • Apply data and insights to improve efficiency in the back office


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Jon Song

Director of Account Operations & Strategy