Forward Committee

ACG New York Forward was established to offer Young Professionals 35 and younger with the resources needed for professional growth. This group is designed for mid-level professionals focused on M&A and deal making in the Tri-State area. Our mission is to provide young professionals in the deal making space with a networking forum where they can comfortably meet and network with peers in the industry. This group helps young professionals grow as leaders and learn from mentors who will help guide them into the next stage of their career.

David Zawitkowski

Committee Chair
Citrin Cooperman

Daniel Bernstein

Committee Member
Falcon Investment Advisors, LLC

Jack Bernstein

Committee Member
Monroe Capital

Austin Collier

Committee Member
Branford Castle Partners, LP

Brian Garfield

Committee Member
Lincoln International

Don Levy

Committee Member
Duff & Phelps

Rodrigo Palacios

Committee Member

Allison Sacks Klazkin

Committee Member
Cortec Group

Nicholas Tzoumas

Committee Member
CION Investment Corporation

Stephen Wall

Committee Member
August Spark