About ACG New York

ACG Started Here: ACG New York is the Oldest Chapter Globally

Did You Know?  Fun Facts about ACG NY’s History:

  • ACG was founded in New York as the Association for Corporate Growth and Diversification, Inc. in 1954
  • ACG created its first industry award in 1975, The Hilton Award, named for ACG founder and ACG NY’s very own Peter Hilton
  • ACG NY was the first chapter to hold an Annual Wine Tasting Event in 2003 – to this day, ACG NY’s most widely attended event
  • ACG NY was the first to hold an full-day women’s leadership conference with its first Annual of Women of Leadership Summit in 2014
  • ACG NY boasts the highest number of ACG Global Chairs - 10 as of 2019-2020!

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