Family Office Committee

Founded in 2014, The Family Office Committee provides a homefor family offices within ACG New York and provides access to networking, knowledge and deal-making.

The goals of the FOC are to:

  • Connect FOC professionals with each other;
  • Share insights and knowledge regarding family office matters;
  • Provide ACG New York with input and ideas on family office content and programming;
  • Communicate relevant ACG programming;
  • Discuss how ACG New York can meet the emerging needs of family office practitioners.
Executive Director

Vikash Magdani

ACG New York
Committee Chair

Katherine Hill Ritchie

Nottingham Spirk
Vice Chair

Rodrigo Braga

Braga Investment & Advisory
Committee Member

Drew Bagin

Aeterna Capital Partners
Committee Member

Marcia Nelson

Committee Member

Angela Raitzin

First Republic Investment Management
Committee Member

Veronica Rodriguez

AUA Private Equity Partners
Committee Member

Dina Said Dwyer

Eden Capital
Committee Member

Brad Scholtz

Scott Capital Partners, LLC
Committee Member

Michael Schwamm

Duane Morris LLP
Committee Member

Brian Talbott

Dorilton Capital
Committee Member

Sarah Kuhns

ACG New York