Volunteering for an ACG New York Committee is a great way to develop both your firm and your own personal brand in the middle market, while also helping the chapter continue to grow in relevancy and importance.  In 2020, over 130 members or approximately 13% of our membership participated on committees including Membership, Programming, Forward, Women of Leadership, Family Office as well as a number of programs during the year. 

ACG New York has enacted a new policy of seeking volunteers for its committees once a year where you will be participating on a committee alongside other like-minded middle market industry professionals committed to the growth of the chapter.  Serving on a committee not only will be a rewarding experience but could lead to greater leadership roles within ACG. 

The Volunteer Application period will begin in October 2021 with positions assuming responsibility January 1, 2022.  ACG New York members will be informed by email with a link to volunteer.  We look forward to your participation.  Contact Wlim@acg.org to receive an application.

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