Ambassador Program


In joining ACG NY, you’ve realized the value in participating in the most comprehensive and efficient networking platform for the middle market deal-making community. You understand that, through ACG NY, the opportunities to advance your business, and your career, have never been more positive.

Now, through the ACG NY Ambassador Program, a selected few will be rewarded with even greater benefits. By participating in ACG NY as an Ambassador, you will be among the elite by being recognized as a go-to resource within the organization.

ACG NY Ambassadors will enjoy the benefits of being active in the organization, among which are:

  • Build your professional relationships with new and existing members, expanding your reach within the ACG.
  • Leverage the knowledge of Lender and M&A activity within your network of ACG NY relationships.
  • Expand your ability to share information and provide services to PE firms and Family Offices.
  • Gain access to ACG events and other programs, expanding your educational opportunities.
  • Influence future events and program based on feedback from your member relationship.

To learn more about the ACG-NY Ambassador Program and to schedule an interview, please complete an application by clicking on the link below.

Thank you for your interest in the ACG NY Ambassador Program. 

Ambassador Application