Ambassador Program

In joining ACG NY, you are becoming a member of  the most comprehensive and efficient networking platform for the middle market deal-making community. Through ACG NY, the opportunities to advance your business, your career, and your network have never been more positive.

New to ACG? We will connect you with one of our experienced ACG NY Ambassadors to walk you through every aspect of joining from updating your profile, connecting you to fellow-members in our 14,500+ global database, hand selecting events that would be specifically beneficial to you, and sharing their personal membership experiences.

Interested in becoming an ACG NY Ambassador?  Through the ACG NY Membership and Ambassador Committee, you can enhance your association benefits and make a positive impact on existing AND new members. As an ACG NY Ambassador you will be among the recognized elite members and a go-to resource within the organization.

ACG NY Ambassadors enjoy the benefits of being active in the organization, among which are:

  • Build your professional relationships with new and existing members, expanding your reach within the ACG.
  • Leverage the knowledge of Lender and M&A activity within your network of ACG NY relationships.
  • Expand your ability to share information and provide services to PE firms and Family Offices.
  • Gain access to ACG events and other programs, expanding your educational opportunities.
  • Influence future events and program based on feedback from your member relationship.
  • Make impactful connections with new members and strengthen the membership community.

To learn more about the ACG NY Membership and Ambassador Committee and how to become an ACG NY Ambassador, please contact Frank Marcucci, Chair, ACG NY Membership and Ambassador Committee.