Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The ACG New York Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee serves as the center of influence across the NY Middle Market M&A community by creating greater awareness of the benefits of DEI and spearheading programming, networking opportunities, mentorship of underrepresented groups, and diverse membership recruitment efforts.

ACG New York's membership fully reflects the diversity of NYC and all members have an equal voice and influence on the M&A community and its activity.  ACG New York views diversity as an asset that enriches the bottom lines and lives of everyone involved.


Elise Chowdhry

Optimum Advisors LLC
Committee Member

Trevor Freeman

Signature Bank
Committee Member

Lori Gleeman

Soul Equity Solutions
Committee Member

Slade Kobran

Chief Outsiders, LLC
Committee Member

Laurence Lederer

Branford Castle Partners, LP
Committee Member

Vijay Mehta

Arkview Capital LP
Committee Member

Hector Perez

Quantum FBI, LLC
Committee Member

Esam Saidmuratov

Centre Lane Partners
Committee Member

Andrew Tumilowicz

Heritage Venue Advisors