Bob Lobley

Operating Partner
Juna Equity Partners

A 34 year GE veteran, Bob led operational teams in manufacturing and technology, designed and implemented supplier quality and ISO9000 systems, implemented Lean/flow methodologies, developed information technology solutions, developed marketing plans, and led financial/business process audits.
Before joining the Juna team, Bob supported GE Equity’s portfolio by improving business processes such as procurement, data analytics, restructuring, HR, customer support, sales, shipping, and factory layout. A certified Master Black Belt, he added measurable enterprise value to the investments.

Bob started his career with GE through the Manufacturing Management Program. An alumnus of GE's Corporate Audit Staff, Bob held operational, technology, quality, and commercial leadership roles at GE Aerospace, Industrial Systems, GE Financial Assurance, and GE Trading/Licensing.

Bob holds an MBA from Binghamton University, and is a graduate of Manhattan College, where he earned a Bachelor's of Electrical Engineering.