Kelley Morrell

Managing Director, Tactical Opportunities
Blackstone Group

Kelley Morrell is a Managing Director and Head of Asset Management in the Tactical Opportunities group. In that role, she is involved in the ongoing management and oversight of the group’s investment portfolio, and creating and driving value-added initiatives alongside the investment team.
Before joining Blackstone, Ms. Morrell served as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at CIT. At CIT, Kelley helped shape the company's strategic direction following its emergence from bankruptcy, and led numerous strategic transactions that contributed to CIT's transformation to a bank. Prior to that, Kelley served as senior director of the U.S. Treasury's Automotive Industry Financing Program during the Obama Administration, where she had primary responsibility of overseeing the taxpayers' investments in Chrysler Financial and Chrysler Group.
Kelley graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and received her MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.