Luke Mitchell

Luke Mitchell
Partner and Managing Director

I have been an investment banker for my entire professional career. I started my career covering the industrial and automotive sectors at SalomonSmithBarney (later Citigroup’s Global Investment Bank) which was exceptional training. In 2003 I began focusing exclusively on the healthcare sector and have done that ever since, because I enjoy the people and the businesses. I graduated from the University of Virginia and hold series 7, 24 and 79 securities licenses.

While at Salomon I was on the team that completed the largest leveraged buyout since the RJR Nabisco deal (The Blackstone Group’s $4.7 billion acquisition of TRW Automotive in February 2003). Working on large, high profile transactions is always thrilling: you are working with exceptionally sophisticated clients and complex deal structures. However, those transactions don’t have much of the “human element”, and the investment banker’s role is more mechanical than strategic. My most rewarding professional experiences have come from working with the owners of small and medium-size businesses, helping them to achieve their strategic, financial, or personal goals, and helping them to find the partner that is the best fit for their vision and legacy. I enjoy the sectors Edgemont specializes in, and take pride knowing that we serve as a trusted partner to our clients, and that they value our guidance.

Rain or shine, I love to be outdoors, which is easier in New York City than most people assume. I am a passionate fly fisherman and outdoorsman, and I have a son and golden retriever who keep me active (and wake me up too early). When the New York City lifestyle doesn’t allow these pastimes, my wife and I enjoy reading (Steinbeck is a favorite, as well as anything about the Civil War), dining out, and going to movies. I have also always gotten a thrill out of traveling, especially long road trips.