May 24, 2021
Part 1 “Private Equity:  Raising Capital and Managing the Business


Sheryl Schwartz, Executive Board member, WAVE & Adjunct Professor, Private Equity, Fordham Business School
Mark Hallock, Partner, M2O Private Fund Services

How is private equity capital raised today? This first part of the class explores Primary markets (blind pool, lock up structure) and performance compensation for managers. Other alternative platforms such as the fundless sponsor model and pledge funds. The increasingly popular co-investment and secondary markets, both GP & LP led will also be explained.

We will also detail the current fundraising market and how those have changed over time especially from LP/investor perspective.

Part 2 "Private Equity 101 & Creativity in the Origination Process"

Robert Landis, Founding Partner, The Riverside Company
Abilash Jaikumar, Co-Founder & Managing Director, TresVista

Part 2’s session “Private Equity 101”  will help place a context for the rest of the course.  We’ll discuss what private equity truly is, its approximate size, the participants, and what drives successful outcomes.  We will demonstrate how to exercise creativity in the origination process.   Participants will learn how to best build the relationships necessary to source deals, profile targets, and evaluate opportunities in the context of macro-economic and micro-economic trends and to capitalize on marketing opportunities.  In addition, the role of management skills, operations and human resources will be discussed in the context of origination.  This session will also discuss how to ensure that the right pre-diligence steps are taken in advance of a formal review of the investment opportunity by an investment committee or business owners.


June 7, 2021: " Understanding Financials and the Due Diligence Process"
Jussi Taipale, Managing Director,
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)

Nitin Verma, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)

Financial Statement Analysis:  Assist the participant with understanding the concepts behind all the balance sheet and income statement accounts and how they interrelate and tie into the cashflow statement.  Including but not limited to the Matching Principle, Historical Cost, Going concern, Comparability,  Assets = Liabilities + Equity, Revenue, Cost   of Sales, SG&A and EBITDA.

Due Diligence Process: Understand the analysis behind an acquisition or divestiture including the analysis of the quality of earnings (Adjusted EBITDA), quality of working capital (setting the WC Peg), debt and debt like items and tax issues.  Understand how these items are taken into consideration when negotiating purchase price and the asset/stock purchase agreement.


June 14, 2021: "Leveraged Buyout Modeling and Analysis"
Instructor: Fordham Professor Joseph Zirpolo

This workshop introduces the principles of leveraged buyout valuation.  From theory to practice, participants will also construct a short-form LBO model.  The focus of the workshop is to get participants quickly up to speed on the unique attributes of LBO valuation and the key mechanics of LBO models.  Currently an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University’ Gabelli School of Business, Professor Zirpolo previously was a Principal at ‘Training the Street” and is the Global Head of Training for Houlihan Lokey. 


July 12, 2021: "Financing”
Paul Malec, Managing Director, Capital Markets, The Riverside Company                                 

In this class, participants will be exposed to the world of middle marketing lending and financing.  We will discuss the different types of financing such as senior, 'uni-tranche,' and mezzanine.  The mechanics of acquisition leverage will be presented, as will the institutions that provide different types of debt.  Means to determine optimal leverage levels will be reviewed, namely how maximizing equity returns must be tempered by the challenges of supporting leverage in terms of covenant requirements and cash flow to cover both debt interest and principal.


July 19, 2021: "Growth Strategies "
Jennifer Katrulya, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Partner, Citrin Cooperman                                  

The strategic planning process will be discussed in this class.  The structure of a 100-day plan to achieve pre-specified growth objectives will be presented.  The plan will focus on issues related to financing, management of personnel, customer retention, and growth strategies.  In addition, the plan will address legal and operational issues and how to engage the Board of Directors in support of the plan.  Another focus will be executive management as recruiting and overseeing management is a critical ability of the successful investor.


July 26, 2021: " The M&A Process and Management & Exits"

Wallace Mathai-David, Ph.D, Founder, Q.Ai Invest ( Now a Forbes Company)

David Acharya, Founder, Acharya Capital Partners
Don Ritucci, Managing Director, Head of Healthcare M&A | Investment Banking, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

In this class, we will illustrate how the M&A sale process works.  The class will present how a company is sold with a detailed description of the steps involved with the sale process and how best to manage this process from the perspective of a leading middle market investment banker. As well as discuss various alternatives for optimal exit strategies for an investment in a company.  A discussion of IPOs, identification of strategic acquirers and equity sponsors will be provided.  The exit strategy alternatives will take into account macro- and micro-economic trends, financial performance and structure of the company, and the impact of the strategic plan on choice of exit strategies.  Investment bankers, private equity firms, and corporate development professionals will demonstrate how to maximize the exit value while demonstrating to the acquirer their path to growth as part of their investment.


TBD: "Case Study Presentation"
Instructor: TBD

Participants will complete a case study, applying the concepts discussed in the first 6 weeks.  Short presentations by teams of participants will be made, outlining their strategic plan and the application of course concepts leading to optimal growth strategies.  Upon successful completion of the exam, certificates will be issued to participants.

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May 24 - July 26, 2021

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