Get Involved

We Want You to Join A Committee


Did you know there are lots of business opportunities when you get involved on a ACG Cleveland committee? Look at this list of benefits you get when when you work toward a common goal with other committee members! Take action, join a committee—the association is always at work for you!

  1. Experience – Experience how ACG Cleveland works and the effort that goes into making the association successful!
  2. Relationships/Networking – Joining a committee helps you build stronger relationships with other M&A professionals and service providers.
  3. Brand Building –  Build your brand by getting involved, it’s not about who you know anymore—it’s about who knows you!
  4. Development – Committee participation leads to uncovering business insights you can utilize in your professional and personal development!
  5. Leadership Opportunities – Through active participation on a committee, you will have the opportunity to someday become a board member.
  6. Service – Contribute to the growth and future success of the organization
  7. Pay it Forward – Give back to the industry by making a difference in committee involvement.
  8. Community – ACG Cleveland is chapter of great distinction, made up of a remarkable community of knowledgeable and helpful M&A professionals and service providers.
  9. Insider Sneak Peaks! You’ll know what’s happening before everyone else!

These opportunities include, but are certainly not limited to: