Thought Leadership

John W. Grabner, ACG Cleveland President 2019-20

A friend of mine who owned a manufacturing company with about 185 people approached me last year with thoughts of selling his company. He had spent his entire life focused on growing the company, so h

Dominic DiPuccio

According to some studies, approximately two-thirds of private equity fund buyers in M&A transactions last year required sellers to “rollover” a portion of their deal consideration. More than 80% of s

Christopher J. Hewitt and Jayne E. Juvan
Tucker Ellis

The psychology of buying and selling companies is much like that of buying and selling individual stocks. Notwithstanding the old adage of “buy low, sell high,” most investors do exactly the opposite.

Andrew Petryk
Brown Gibbons Lang & Co.

In uncertain times, larger companies equate to safety; this was evidenced in 2019 by higher multiples garnered for larger transactions. And as is typical of this stage of the long-legged cycle, buyers

Brooke Hradisky
Carleton McKenna & Co.

The vast majority of a typical private business owner’s wealth is tied up in one significant asset — her business. A considerable exit in the future may allow the business owner to experience a meanin