Thought Leadership

The ACG Member Profile Series highlights various ACG Cleveland members, providing us all a way to keep connected while in-person meetings are limited.
J.R. Doolos and Jeff Johnston
KeyBanc Capital Markets

The last 24 months have proven to be a unique and exciting market in M&A resulting in a remarkable increase in transaction activity in almost every industry. This historic increase was the result of

Andrew K. Petryk
Brown Gibbons Lang & Co.

Coined as an M&A market “awash with liquidity,” this tinder has lit the spark for robust valuations, with purchase price multiples rising to historic highs in many industries. It is a battle between

Craig Owen White and Caleb P. Ohrn
Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

Success in business is frequently determined by how effective the enterprise is at identifying and managing risks. Risk, simply put, arises from any factor, event, or occurrence that has the potential

Brandon Fredericks, CPA
Apple Growth Partners

Business owners have likely seen the statistics stating how many small businesses won’t survive past the first two, five, or even 10 years from origination. The fight to overcome these statistics can