YACG Cleveland Mentorship Program

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Are you new to M&A, trying to navigate your way in the workplace and want to take your career to the next level? Having a Mentor may be just what you need!

If you’ve been in M&A for a few years and enjoy giving back, or you have great experience and a solid knowledge base, why not share some of your experiences with "young" / "next generation" M&A professionals?  Take on a Mentee!

Consider participating in YACG Cleveland's Mentoring Program!

Benefits for Mentees

Benefits for Mentors

Establish your professional network.

Develop someone new to M&A.

Learn about real life issues M&A professionals face.

Increase your awareness of new talent and share expertise.

Gain professional support and encouragement from your mentor.

Enhance your coaching, communication and leadership skills.

Cultivate your confidence, competence, and professional identity and kick start your career with credibility.

Engage in meaningful mentorship that adds value to others.

Eligibility Requirements for Participation

  • Must be an ACG Member: however, members of any chapter are welcome to participate in the program.
  • "YACG" Mentees must qualify at YACG status for their chapter.
  • All mentor/mentee applicants must fill out an application and return them to admin@acgcleveland.org to be considered.


The YACG Cleveland mentoring program is your opportunity to develop a relationship with a senior member of ACG Cleveland.

  • Personalized - Individualized pairing with an ACG member means mentorship is tailored to you.

  • Formative - Mentorship gives you the chance to get exposed to new ideas and different career paths.

  • Connected- Mentorship offers you the chance to build your brand and establish connections in the market.

  • Committed - Meet quarterly with your mentor or more frequently as desired.