Annual Golf Outing at Firestone

September 30, 2024

Gold Outing CLE Hero Image


The ACG Cleveland Annual Golf Outing is our annual golf event, providing more informal networking with Northeast Ohio professionals involved in corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers and acquisitions. Traditionally, this event is held every Fall at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio.


We wouldn't be able to host the second0largest event at Firestone Country Club without the support of sponsors. If you are interested in our sponsorship options, take a look at our general sponsorship form, or our Wine Table Sponsorship form for more information.


For information about registration, location, pricing, and dress code, please go to our Firestone event page which will be updated closer to the event.

2023 Golf Winners

North Course Low Score - 1st Place (-28)

  1. Mike Sabutis
  2. John Stallings
  3. Charlie Cooper
  4. Devin Schaffer

North Course Low Score - 2nd Place (-23)

  1. Ryan Tomei
  2. Steven Dassani
  3. Todd Lawrence
  4. Dave Fechter

Fazio Course Low Score - 1st Place (-22)

  1. Allan Friedman
  2. Gary Sharp
  3. William Elliott
  4. Brandon Nett

Fazio Course Low Score - 2nd Place (-20)

  1. Zak Workman
  2. Kael Campbell
  3. Tod Wagner
  4. Trent Schulz

South Course Low Score - 1st Place (-23)

  1. Evan Cottington
  2. Lance Curtis
  3. Don Stanovcak
  4. Mark Heinrich

2023 Skill Prize Winners

Men's Long Distance

  • Shade McMillen (North Course, Hole 5)
  • Shade McMillen (North Course, Hole 12)
  • Jeff Brooks (Fazio Course, Hole 6)
  • Ryan Wirtz (Fazio Course, Hole 13
  • Mike Metz (South Course, Hole 9)
  • Mike Metz (South Course, Hole 10)

Women's Long Distance

  • Cheryl Strom (North Course, Hole 1)
  • Carly Levindofske (Fazio Course, Hole 9)

Men's Closest-to-the-Pin

  • Andrew Vento (North Course, Hole 17)
  • Rob Cheffins (North Course, Hole 8)
  • Mike Waseity (Fazio Course, Hole 14) 
  • Rudy Bentlage (Fazio Course, Hole 7)
  • Dan Urban (South Course, Hole 5)
  • Mike Metz (South Course, Hole 15) 

Women's Closest-to-the-Pin

  • Liz Roth (North Course, Hole 6)
  • Kristen Gable (Fazio Course, Hole 12)

If you are interested in joining the committee that helps plan all of the details for this fantastic golf event, please fill out our Committee Form, or reach out to Sandy Habecker, ACG Cleveland's Chapter Executive ( / 216-696-8484).