2021 ACG Cleveland 17th Annual Golf Outing Winners Announced


What a great occasion to see so many of members and guests (232 to be exact) at the 17th annual ACG Cleveland golf outing at Firestone Country Club last week. We were joined by golfers from 12 states hitting full course capacity with 56 foursomes, followed by a sellout crowd for our wine tasting reception that immediately followed. Huge thanks to Craig Panzica, Golf chair, for not only leading this successful event, but ensuring we had sunshine on a day where rain was forecast!

Below are all of the winners at the 17th Annual Golf Outing, held at Firestone Country Club on October 4, 2021.

2021 Golf Winners

North Course Low Score - 1st Place (122)

  1. John Doehr
  2. Shawn Ely
  3. Jonathan Ives
  4. Theodore Wagner

North Course Low Score - 2nd Place (124)

  1. Dan Kapala
  2. Mark Heinrich
  3. James Guddy
  4. Alex Campau

Fazio Course Low Score - 1st Place (111)

  1. Mike Brainard
  2. Matt Zuro
  3. Trey Mallicone
  4. Matt Soful

Fazio Course Low Score - 2nd Place (119)

  1. Todd Martin
  2. Michael Grau
  3. Jeremy Baker
  4. Mark Hanak

South Course Low Score - 1st Place (123)

  1. Robert Scelza
  2. Andrew Vollmer
  3. J. T. Taylor
  4. Peter Richer

2021 Skill Prize Winners

Men's Long Distance

  • Ryan Wirtz (North Course, Hole 5)
  • Dave Skok (Fazio Course, Hole 6)
  • Sam Heredos (Fazio Course, Hole 13)
  • Bob Scelza (South Course, Hole 9)
  • Jeff Kadlic (South Course, Hole 10)

Women's Long Distance

  • Nancy Valentine (North Course, Hole 1)
  • Linda Olejko (Fazio Course, Hole 9)

Men's Closest-to-the-Pin

  • Kael Campbell (North Course, Hole 17)
  • Cory DePiero (North Course, Hole 8)
  • Nick Buzzelli (Fazio Course, Hole 14)
  • Jon Kasberg (Fazio Course, Hole 7)
  • Ben Whiting (South Course, Hole 5)

Women's Closest-to-the-Pin

  • Bonnie Sherman (South Course, 15)
  • Kelly Smith (North Course, Hole 6)