ACG Cleveland Special Editorial 2020 - Letter from the President

Crains 2020

A friend of mine who owned a manufacturing company with about 185 people approached me last year with thoughts of selling his company. He had spent his entire life focused on growing the company, so had no idea what to do when it came time to sell it. As you can imagine, there was a personal attachment, so getting the best advice was very important. Through ACG I was able to introduce him to:

  • An accounting firm that provided tax guidance and other advice surrounding the transaction
  • A law firm that specialized in mergers and acquisitions
  • An investment banking firm who could provide introductions to potential buyers
  • A private equity firm with a focus in making acquisitions in his industry
  • An insurance brokerage firm proficient in representation and warranty insurance products
  • A commercial banker who could assist with the monetary aspects of the transaction
  • A wealth management professional to develop a plan for himself and this family

After selecting his team, a successful sale of his company was completed, which accomplished all the objectives he set forth when he made the decision. I don’t think I could have been nearly as helpful if it weren’t for my experience and involvement with ACG.  

My point is that ACG, the Association for Corporate Growth, is a network of 14,500 professionals and business leaders involved in middle-market mergers and acquisitions.

With each year, ACG, and in particular the Cleveland chapter, improves by listening to its members and the business community. This year we have focused on three initiatives:

  1. YACG (Young ACG): Growing our membership to one of the largest in all of ACG. YACG is a platform for young professionals to develop their network and learn through the valuable event content. If you are in the early stages of your career, this is a place to get involved.  
  2. Partnering: ACG Cleveland is strengthening its brand by partnering with other associations and organizations in Northeast Ohio. As a member of ACG Cleveland, you not only get to network with our 500-plus members, some events have been expanded to include other prominent groups as well.
  3. DealSource:  DealSource, in only its second year, is a must-attend event exclusive for investment banking firms and private equity firms and is part of our Deal Maker Awards day.

If you are in business, either professional services or industry, ACG is an association you should join and participate. You and your business will benefit from meeting some of the amazing people and organizations by being a member of this transformative and growing association.