YACG Mentors Announced for the 2022 ACG Cup® Cleveland

2022 Cup - YACG Mentor Announcement


The ACG Cup® Cleveland Committee is pleased to announce the YACG Mentors for competitors for the 2022 ACG Cup® Cleveland Competition on January 14, 2022.

YACG Cleveland member mentor volunteers are assigned to competing teams and act as resources and support to those students who may not have a lot of experience in M&A.

This year's YACG mentors are:

  • Alexis Becker (Carleton McKenna & Co.)
  • Josh Berggrun (Calfee)
  • Enrico Certo (Brown Gibbons Lang)
  • Jim Cocita (Brown Gibbons Lang)
  • Rob Cheffins (CIBC)
  • Mike Ferkovic (Sunvera Group)
  • Gianni Ferritto (Kirtland Capital Partners)
  • J.R. Klonk (Edgewater Capital Partners)
  • Dave LaPuma (Ancora Holding Company)
  • Andrew Lease (Carleton McKenna & Co.)
  • Taylor Richard (Cyprium Partners)