Member Profile - Corrie Menary


Partner, Kirtland Capital Partners

Corrie and glasses of champage

ACG Member Since: 2012
ACG Involvement: Co-Chair, ACG Cleveland DealSource at The Deal Maker Awards

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

Resourcefulness. Working at both big and small companies, I have found that being resourceful has been an important element of my success. Knowing who to call for help, how to get the information you need without an endless budget, and, most importantly, how to get it done quickly, are all part of being resourceful. Having a robust professional network can support your ability to be resourceful. I encourage young professionals to take the time to build those relationships even when your work responsibilities make it difficult to carve out time for networking.

What led you to this career?

I was intrigued by private equity going back to my high school days when "Barbarians at the Gate" was a made-for-TV movie about the RJR Nabisco buyout. A very different flavor of private equity than you find here in the Midwest. Nothing screams "synergies" more than crackers and cigarettes – but I digress. Early in my career, I worked at National City Bank in the debt capital markets group. While I loved the people I worked with, I wanted the chance to build longer term relationships with the companies that I was supporting. I set out to go back to business school and shift gears into private equity. I was fortunate to get terrific advice from folks like Cheryl Strom, Rod Elliott, and Chris Jones, all at National City, who helped me navigate to this path.

What's a work-related accomplishment that you're really proud of?

We recently closed a new platform through the COVID crisis. The opportunity was sourced through a relationship I formed with an investment bank that I met a few years back at the ACG Florida Capital Connection. Getting a deal done in this market was tough but I was proud of Kirtland’s ability to deliver on the commitment we made to the company’s founder before the world shut down. Our team had the perseverance and determination to keep going and achieve a successful closing. We are looking forward to sharing more on this new platform in the coming weeks.

What was your favorite band 10 years go?

Pearl Jam. Was and is still my favorite band. Seeing Pearl Jam in Wrigley Field was a concert experience like none other.

If you had a yacht, what would you name it?

I am definitely not a yacht person – a pontoon boat is more my speed and style. But, if I were ever to buy a boat, it would be a Lyman for my husband, who has supported me throughout my career. Would love to call it Serendipity. While we "Type A" personalities like to connect all of our success to skill and effort, there is always a little luck involved as well. Serendipity sums this up for me. Someone in Vermillion has a boat called "Addbacks" which is absolutely terrific. That guy really gets it.

Tell us about a personal goal you have?

My family and I plan to visit all 62 national parks. We have visited 10 so far and, unfortunately, had to cancel our plans to visit three others this year because of the virus. Can’t wait to knock a few more off our list next year.