Member Profile - Jessica Spirk-Everest


Managing Partner and Vice President, Nottingham Spirk

Jessica Spirk-Everest and her family

Jessica and her family spent a year in Vail so her daughters could compete in the country’s best ski program!

ACG Member Since: 2020

What's the most interesting thing you've ever done or the biggest risk you've taken?

Last year, our oldest daughter told us that it was her dream to pursue competitive alpine ski racing. Although it was a big risk, and even bigger commitment for us as a family, my husband and children moved to Vail for the 2019-2020 school year so that she and her sister could compete in the country’s best program, Ski & Snowboard Club of Vail. I stayed in Cleveland with our family’s business and traveled back and forth as often as possible. It was challenging, but it was 100% worth it! We grew closer as a family and the life lessons we were able to teach our children were invaluable: persistence, resilience, and how to win and lose with grace (among many others). We are all back in Cleveland this year but the year in Vail will always remain one of our best experiences as a family.

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

I wish I could become an instant expert in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering. We work on a lot of medical programs and being able to easily access this knowledge during business development meetings and programs would be really helpful. Luckily, we have many experts in-house!

Which movie have you seen recently or what are you watching on Netflix?

My youngest daughter is really into horseback riding and competes in local shows. A friend recommended "Harry and Snowman" which was really inspirational. Other than that, we watch a lot of 30 Rock and Office reruns.

What's one professional skill you're currently working on?

With respect to my professional skills, I’m currently working on improved communication and having more patience. These skills are also invaluable when raising young children, so I’m able to practice at home too.

What's your go-to productivity trick?

My go-to productivity trick is to keep a running list of what needs to be done. I always keep a notebook with me so that I can easily jot down a task as I think of it. This is really helpful when I’m in a meeting or on a call and think of something that needs to be done. If I don’t write it down at that moment, I may forget about it, which I don’t want! Crossing tasks off the list is really satisfying and helps to keep me and on track.