Deal Nomination FAQ's


Question: How do I apply?
Answer: Click here to begin the application process.

Question: What should I name my application?

Answer: There is no wrong way to name your application.  However it helps us on the back-end if you follow a simple naming convention.  Start each application with type of submission (Deal, Firm or Individual), then company name and lastly name of Deal, Firm or Individual. i.e. Deal, Your Company, Name of Deal *

Question: Can I leave my application and come back later?

Answer: Yes, click Save Draft and log back in using your username and password at any time to edit your draft.

Question: Can I select multiple categories for the same deal?

Answer: Yes, you are encouraged to nominate your deal for as many categories as are relevant, however remember that the judges are volunteers so please make sure the category is actually aligned to the deal.

Question: I have several deals—can I submit more than one application?

Answer: Yes. We welcome all of the deals you want to submit!

Question: Can I submit my deal more than once in the same category?

Answer: This is not recommended and will not increase your chance of winning. However, if someone else from another firm that participated in the same deal wants to nominate it, they can absolutely nominate that deal as well, and should.  It would be best though if you coordinate on the application rather than having two submissions with incomplete information.

Question: What should I include in my application?

Answer: Make sure you fill in as much detail as you can. Also, attach supporting documents. The more information available to the judges allows them to accurately analyze the deals submitted.

Question: Is there a cost to submit an application?

Answer: No, there is no fee associated with the applications.   

Question: How many people submit nominations?

Answer:  This varies based on the category and the previous year’s deal activity.  We always aim to have the biggest pool for our judges to pick from for finalists and winners.

Question: Is everyone a finalist?

Answer:  No.  We narrow the pool of submissions down to the finalists after the judging process.  The judging process is handled completely independently by GMW and things like number of submissions, sponsorship, and chapter participation are expressly not considered in this process.

Question:  The SEC is cracking down on Awards and Marketing.  Is this an SEC compliant award program?

Answer:  We are working with legal counsel and the SEC staff to make sure this award program is SEC compliant and that all of our winners are able to proudly accept and publicize their awards.

Question:  How does judging work?

Answer: Independent judges will maintain the strictest confidentiality possible for all sensitive details provided. Each judge is assigned a certain number of applications. They will rate each application from 1-10 based on the following criteria:

  • Transaction Profile
  • Impact on Market Share
  • Accomplishments from Funding, Industry and Region

Question:  How do I become a Judge?

You must be an ACG New York Member with experience and expertise in M&A middle market deals to become a Judge. Please send your request to judge to Sarah Kuhns at

Question: When is the application deadline?

Answer: MAY 5, 2018

Question:  When is the awards dinner? What if I can’t attend?

Answer:  The dinner is June 21, 2018. Though it isn’t a requirement to attend to win an award, we highly recommend all finalists sending someone to accept it on their behalf.

Question:  Does someone need to be an ACG Member or an ACG New York Member?

Deal of the Year Award -  There must be one ACG Member on the deal team
Firm Award -  All nominated firms must have at least one ACG Member in their firm
Dealmaker of the Year Award - The individual must be an ACG New York Member

Question:  How do I find out more about sponsorship opportunities/benefits for the Awards Dinner?

Answer: Please reach out to Sarah Kuhns,  to find out more about how you can participate as an event sponsor or as an advertiser in our Awards Program Booklet.


If your question wasn't answered here, please reach out to ACG New York for additional information.

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