The DealLounge and 1:1 Meetings

Session Details

7:00 PM
Ad hoc meet-ups with attendees, face to face, on our new virtual platform, just like real life! Open to all attendees.
More Information

The DealLounge has been a staple at M&A East for years.  Our new virtual platform, Remo, prioritizes face to face interaction - just like a traditional live event. Both the networking and the program happen on Remo, but not simultaneously. 

Some tips to navigate in Remo

  • Our platform has 10 floors - you'll automatically be placed on the 1st floor at a networking table upon log-in. 
  • Turn on your mic/camera.  When at a table, it's like a Zoom Meeting with up to 5 other people!  
  • Networking happens before and after the program, but automatically shuts down during the program
  • We'll add table topics to help you find attendees who want to connect around similar topics.
  • Easily move tables by double clicking another table
  • Hover over someone's image to see their profile.
  • Use "chat" to send a private message to an attendees. Share your floor and table number to meet up.