M&A East 2020


Event Details


The ACG Philadelphia Board and M&A East Steering Committee have been closely watching the unfolding and ever-changing challenges presented by COVID-19, particularly as it relates to live events. 
As the weeks have turned into months, it’s become clear that planning a live M&A East simply presents too great of a risk to our long-standing community of members, dealmakers and to our organization that you have worked so hard to build. 
We are exploring alternatives for a virtual M&A East in 2020 – and while we don’t have all the answers yet as to what that will look like - our goal will be to deliver on the quality and efficiency you have come to expect from us.
Over the next 45-60 days, we expect to have in place a new conference agenda that is designed for a virtual format, and for those firms interested in sponsorship opportunities, we will also be rolling out a new sponsor prospectus.  
We appreciate your patience while we continue to revamp M&A East 2020.  Meantime we welcome any insights you want to share with us by emailing ACGPhiladelphia@acg.org.